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I've fallen in love with Cosmos

Cosmos is great, I got so sad to find out he was supposed to get a Spotlight but then it never happened. Instead we got this sad mosaic,

Cosmos and Sky Lynx deserve 10000 credit.

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I do very prefer to buy them but curse this money saving for cons. :C
It’s $4. Buy the comic, people. =.=

I’m not here to judge or blame but sowiddlefur is right here. These comics are so cheap. If they were $10 each I’d totally understand but 4 bucks (I pay even more because the Euro prices are higher)? That’s less than a meal at McDonalds.

And supporting the comics is so important. TF comics aren’t that big and they need us to stay alive.

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can’t buy it, wish there was someone who’d uploaded it -_-

But you should rather support the comic by buying it :c

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So much Thundercracker /)UuU(\

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Thundercracker proves once again to be the best character: He’s not a seeker anymore, he’s a writer now and he has almost an agent.

He also made a couch out of cars.

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*gross sobbing*

My secret OTP died before it could bloom.

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Damn right!

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Look at how cute Skyfire’s lil drone is. Look at it. It’s so angry:

(From the cover of RID#31)