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Chromedome in palette 60 and pose 4H
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Chromedome in palette 60 and pose 4H


[Transformers: Robots in Disguise #32]

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Anonymous sent: Wait, on the cover to not-RiD #35... is that Spike? O.O

Yeah ugh…

I mean I guess we had to see that asshole again sooner or later but I was hoping later. Much later. 



[Transformers: Robots in Disguise #32]
Aw, the Constructicons painted themselves to match Prowl.

I thought so too at first but I think it is the camouflage paint Jazz used too (he is darker too+green visor).

Anyway: Happy family reunited /)QuQ(\

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What’s TT stand for?

The Transformers…

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I mean it was already shitty to call the Costa disaster “Ongoing” that is no proper title for a comic ffs.

Man I’m not going to call RID from now on “TT” that is the shittiest title ever.

I wonder who was responsible for that, couldn’t you have just come up with a decent subtitle? It was always MTMTE and RID and now it’s “That TF comic and MTMTE”.


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Jazz complaining about Prowl’s weight was my favorite part. Not even Soundwave wanted to carry him

and then as soon as he got the chance