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Man how did I even miss this promo. One of my favorite songs and Bad Cop is in it, wicked!

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Remember when the Constructicons combined with Scrapper’s corpse.

# I think about this a lot # I mean # how do you combine with a corpse


My thinking is that they were able to fill the gaps with what they knew of Scrapper? A sort of ghost personality. They’d merged with him before, they knew him, knew what it was like, so they just…pretended really, really hard. Intentionally deluding themselves. Kind of like the way people can feel bugs crawling all over them after a single inopportune prickle of the skin, or a spooked person might convince themselves they hear footsteps in an empty house, except morbid and significantly creepier.

I like to imagine it was a disturbing mind-fuck of an experience, basically.

That’s an interesting explanation and I like it! But then I think of how they were just like “Oh we have a limb leg haha” and know that Costa probably didn’t spent 5 seconds on considering what actually happens when combiners merge and get aaa~ngry.

But anyway I think too it wasn’t the most pleasant/happiest experience they had I would also like to believe this might be the reason they are such loyal puppies to Prowl now because they’re finally able to properly combine again with an alive bot after having this necro-experience before.

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I bet that if I went into the 'cock' tag I would find something quite different than Prowl and roosters

Why don’t you give it a try? Life’s too short.

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Anonymous said:
Windblade x starscream.

Not sure if you sent this to the wrong person? Sounds like something for a pairing meme or so? Well either way it’s not my cup of tea.

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I always thought how Prowl’s color-scheme looks like the one of a rooster.

Happy Easter!

Didn’t manage to draw anything new so I reblobb this again because I still like it. Happy Easter 2014 everyone!

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Prowl, there is no way you’re gonna be able to flip that. Leave it alone.

I need to get you a smaller table.

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I give up.

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IDW Knock Out anyone?