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GamesCom 2012 TF2 Cosplay Meet up Part 2 off 2

That Heavy stole my fish D:<

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GamesCom 2012 TF2 Cosplay Meet up Part 1 off 2

(tehehe I’m in those pics, too)

Aww yis! I’m that lil momma’s boy with the gold chains :D

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As much as I appreciate Sniper’s responses, Spy says hilarious stuff as well.

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I just love all that stuff Sniper says…this might be my favorite sentence. What does it even mean?

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I wanted a RP blog for a BLU char so I came up with this guy.

He likes snakes and you find him here: (still a bit under construction)

That’s all B)

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Brb relearning how to draw with tablet again.

Awwwwww yeaaaah! Can’t wait for more of your stuff baby.

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You know..Oi just wanted to draw porn but it turned out to be like this..

Oi’m missin’ some people but Oi think tha’ would be in the second batch. ((when Oi get to it.))

Go find yerself.

[1] [2] [3]

And that’s why the internet makes me so happy.

My brother’s comment: Why is EVERYTHING you draw GAY?! This is going on for YEARS now! Why?! WHY IS THAT SO?

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Finally done…when did I post the scribbles? One week ago? Yeah I think so.

Anyway here some ingame-sprays I made for my buddies and me:

Pangur (The Good), Me (The Bad) and Mumi (The Pretty)

Here is the Original.

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Why do I cook with a white shirt?! I ruined the only white wife-beater I had today…it was my favorite one…