November 25th  -  87 notes  -  J

He got friends on the other side.

June 5th  -  169 notes  -  J

For something so stupid this took way too long. I just keep telling myself it was good practice~

I think Sniper and Voodoo go well together.

May 28th  -  154 notes  -  J

Trying some new style, taking forever, having alot of fun with it.

And piss.

May 18th  -  163 notes  -  J

I was so angry yesterday so I drew angry Angersniper! 

May 15th  -  67 notes  -  J

Since all my attempts to draw something new today failed, I just took an old thing that I still like and shaded it. 


May 12th  -  126 notes  -  J


((Ok I had to kill some time and wanted to be part of the group…have some Stoner Jeff))

There was some “make a meme out of your RP char” thing going on a few days ago and since I had spare 5 mins I made this incredibly creative “Stoner Jeff”.

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April 23rd  -  65 notes  -  J

Was a lil RP between Vienna and me. The mean RED Sniper took away the BLU Sniper's pet and then kicked him a few times.

They’re best buddies, I tell you BV

April 8th  -  177 notes  -  J

Happy Easter. Pic unrelated.

April 5th  -  92 notes  -  J

»Full Version«

After almost two weeks I actually post something! Hooray! Sorry it is smut again but this one is sitting on my PC for ages. I am not very happy with it but for Kal and Ruumii’s sake, who I annoyed nonstop with it, I just gonna post it and get it out of my system.

March 28th  -  59 notes  -  J


Three words: Jeff, doodle, crappy.

Sorry, I got lazy while studying his tattoos. It is a doodle, so I can be forgiven. Hopely.

I just put that here too, because precious B)