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@Asktheblusnipes Happy late Sniper day…



[Link for full version]

Though I ment to get this finish while you were still a women. Hah. WHAT DO.

Anyways Enjoy mate. Why you do this to me. /sob in corner/


This is so cute and amazing and I am jealous

Also totally forgot about Sniper Sunday, derp. So I’m abusing TofTof’s art to make my blog more sniperish. (sfhjbsdfh it is so awesome, can’t stop looking at it *sob*)

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Now what have we here?

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Whoops, Amm drew Snipers. Everyone be afraid.

1: goingloco
2: asktheblusnipes & asktheredsniper
3: christian-brutal-sniper
4: lintufriikki’s Biker Sniper, Kane
5: redsnipah & blusnipah

These were too much damn fun to draw…

Since I’m wearing my Perv-Glasses I hope it’s ok that I didn’t think of blood when I first looked at Christian Brutal…

Uuuuh anyway I love you baby!

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Too late BLU, you were too slow…we’re already good friends.

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Best day of the week.

Yis. I shall not miss it this time.

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Happy Sniper Sunday, guys!  You’re too awesome for words, so have a lame sketch.  xD

(Now I’ll freak out internally hoping the aforementioned Snipers all see this and somehow don’t think I’m completely lame.)

(( Jodie lookin’ mighty fiiine! THANKS MAMA. ;) ))

mhfgsdufhsioögfjksö how could I miss this?! MAMA I WUV U!

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You want it…you get it

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Oi thought it was obvious.

Oh god I love you!

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Oi’ am so confused….

Guys…guys wat? I would say I’m totally jealous but…

Keep doing wot yer doing.