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I decided to make myself a new spray for TF2.

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Sniper sunday, guys. HERE UNCLE LOCO. YOU PERV.

Ooooh what do we have here C:< Now come here and sit in your uncle’s lap…

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Spies are so annoying.

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I can’t play TF2 anymore. Laptop decided to be a total douche :[

I feel like that grounded child now, who has to watch the other children through the window, playing outside being all happy.

Fuck you laptop…seriously. I can live without games but TF2 is SO MUCH MORE than a game *sniff*

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Ok Hansi I hope you’re happy now <3 just took me my whole sunday.

Only my boys tho, girls coming soon (I hope)

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Zat is for Hansi.

Thanks for the Fez babe. I really love it.

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Stylish Spy, Normal Spy, Beta Spy. All there. Pew pew.